Maker Party Engagement Week 4

We’re almost at the halfway point!

Here’s some fodder for this week’s Peace Room meetings.

tl;dr potential topics of discussion:

  • big increase in user accounts this week caused by change to snippet strategy
    • From Adam: We’re directing all snippet traffic straight to while we develop a tailored landing page experience with built in account creation.This page is really converting well for an audience as broad and cold as the snippet, and I believe we can increase this rate further with bespoke pages and optimization.

      Fun fact: this approach is generating a typical month’s worth of new webmaker users every three days.

  • what do we want from promotional partners?
  • what are we doing to engage active Mozillians?


Overall stats:

  • Contributors: 5441 (we’ve passed the halfway point!)
  • Webmaker accounts: 106.3K (really big jump this week—11.6K new accounts this week as compared to 2.6K last week) (At one point we thought that 150K Webmaker accounts would be the magic number for hitting 10K Contributors. Should we revisit that assumption?)
  • Events: 1199 (up 10% from last week; this is down from the previous week which saw a 26% jump)
  • Hosts: 450 (up 14% from last week, same as the prior week)
  • Expected attendees: 61,910 (up 13% from last week, down a little bit from last week’s 16% increase)
  • Cities: 260 (up 8% from 241 last week)
  • Traffic: here’s the last three weeks. You can see we’re maintaining the higher levels that started with last week’s increase to our snippet allotment. ​ ​


  • The Webmaker user account conversion rate also went up this week:

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 4.50.50 PM

  • Do we know what caused the improved conversion rate?


Engagement Strategy #1: PARTNER OUTREACH

EVENT PARTNERS: This week we started implementing our phone-based “hand holding” strategy. We’re tracking finding from partner calls on a spreadsheet and capturing learnings on an etherpad.


  • as I understand it, we need to populate the Potential Contributors column with numbers (not words) to inform the expected Contributors trend line
  • same for the Potential Accounts column
  • are we using the Potential Events column to inform a trend line on any dashboard?
  • oh, and let’s agree on a format convention for the date field, so that we can sort by date

PROMOTIONAL PARTNERS: It still looks like we’re only getting handfuls of referrals through the specific partner URLs. I’d like to clarify what exactly our goals are for promotional partners, so that we can figure out whether to focus more attention on tracking results.


Engagement Strategy #2: ACTIVE MOZILLIANS

I haven’t heard anything about engaging Reps or FSAs this week. Have we done anything on this front?


Engagement Strategy #3: OWNED MEDIA


The snippet continues to perform well in terms of driving traffic. Last week we sent the first of the drip campaign emails and saw the following results after the first two days:

  • Sent to 75,964
  • Unique opens 13187
  • Open rate 17%
  • Unique clicks 4004
  • Open to click rate 30%
  • New accounts 554
  • Email to account conversion 0.73%
  • Click to conversion 13.84%

The snippet working group met and agreed to build the following two iterations:

  • Survey without email > 2 x tailored account signup pages > ongoing journey
  • Immediate account signup page > ongoing journey


Engagement Strategy #4: EARNED MEDIA

Press this week:

We revised our strategy with Turner this week. See previous email on that topic.

Brand awareness

Here’s this week’s traffic coming from searches for “webmaker” and “maker party” (blue line) vs. the week before (orange line). There’s been a 28% increase (though the overall numbers are quite small).

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 5.41.34 PMSOCIAL (not one of our key strategies): #MakerParty trendline: Back down a bit this week. ​

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 5.45.58 PMSee #MakerParty tweets here:

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