I’m Hannah. I’ve been working as the Program Manager for the Engagement Team at the Mozilla Foundation since April 2014.

I am a facilitator. I like to draw out great ideas from groups of smart people. I like to build spaces where good systems and processes emerge. I like to create safe spaces for continuous growth.

I’ll be sharing learnings about all of the above on this blog. Fellow facilitators (project managers, program managers, anyone who supports the work of a team) may want to check out the bag of tricks for tools and strategies that work well for me. I’d love to read your feedback and ideas.

Outside of work, I like to play—games and guitars mostly, with a healthy dose of wordplay as well. I often write about the science of happiness here, and I sometimes write about the art of surprise here.

Important Facts: I attended Space Camp as an adult; I’m on a personal mission to teach 1000 people how to solve a Rubik’s Cube; and I once won a pie recipe contest (not to be confused with a pie-eating contest, though I’m pretty sure I could win one of those, too).

Note: Many of the anagrams used in the section headings on this site were generated with the help of the Internet Anagram Server, one of the web’s finest resources.

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